Postcover Caps

Finish postcovers with gorgeous caps.

Matching Postcover Caps are available for a stunning, finished look to your Deckorators® Postcovers. Postcover caps are sold separately and can be mixed and matched with any of the three styles of postcovers. The Solar Woodland Gray postcover cap complements all three cast stone postcover styles by highlighting their nighttime beauty. Twelve white LED lights shine down from around the perimeter of each cap, illuminating the darkness and accenting the bold styling of our postcovers. These low-profile, traditionally-designed caps — include a rechargeable battery. The two-piece postcover cap works well to top off a stone postcover with a wooden post extending beyond the stone. Use the 4" opening with a standard 4" wooden post, or the 6" opening with a standard 6" wooden post.

Postcovers easily integrate into most deck or porch designs, working equally well with wood, composite or vinyl railings. Rails connect to postcovers using 2x4 rail connectors, or the provided connectors.


Style Tip

Try our Solar Woodland Gray postcover cap - shown atop the Beige Stacked Stone postcover.

Installation Instructions



Postcover products come sealed with a matte finish stone sealer, so no additional sealing is required. Periodic cleaning is recommended as needed to remove surface dirt. Clean with mild soap and water and use a soft brush to remove any dirt build up. It is always a good idea to test the cleaner in a small, inconspicuous area prior to applying it to the entire postcover.

Deckorators performs well in varying weather conditions. During installation, it will contract only slightly in cold weather. In hot weather it expands. We recommend that the material is on the job site 48 hours prior to installation to acclimate. Follow the installation instructions spacing guidelines to ensure proper room for expansion and contraction.

The complete Deckorators line is available at retail lumberyards, home centers and through distributors. For more information, visit our Where to Buy page or call 800-556-8449. It is competitively priced in comparison to premium grades of wood decking and costs less than other high-end composite decking materials.