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Small Deck Changes That Make A Major Impact

Small Deck Changes That Make A Major Impact

A few easy steps and simple additions to refresh your deck’s appearance can give your outdoor space a new personality. Give your deck new life with these small enhancements.

Deckorators Voyage Decking in Costa and Picture Frame Board in Dark Slate with stairs

Clean the Structure
When was the last time you cleaned your deck? Even if you don't use your deck frequently, nature's elements leave layers of dust, dirt and grime that detract from its appearance. The easiest way to clean a deck is with soap and water. Once it dries, you'll be amazed at how fresh and clean your outdoor space appears. For deeper cleaning solutions and more detailed information on cleaning your deck space, check out our Care & Maintenance Guide.

Update Railings and Balusters
If your deck structure is still in good shape, but you want a new look with a bonus of safety, consider updating the railings and balusters. Deckorators offers aluminum, cable and ADA-compliant rail options in multiple styles and finishes as well as a selection of balusters to suit your taste.

Venture Decking with Rapid Rail

Light the Night
If your deck doesn't have adequate lighting, you're missing out on some of the most beautiful times to be outdoors - when the sun goes down. Adding low-voltage recessed lighting allows you to watch the stars, have a bonfire or simply enjoy the cool fresh air on your deck. Deckorators Low-voltage Recessed Lighting features LED lighting, making the system energy efficient while softly illuminating stairways and railings for both style and safety.

Deckorators Low-voltage Recessed Lighting

Incorporate Flowers and Seasonal Décor 
More people are expanding their outdoor spaces to be closer to nature. Whether your deck opens up to the mountains or overlooks a concrete jungle, you can add a natural element with fall plantings and décor. By potting plants such as mums and hanging window boxes or other fall foliage, you'll add visual appeal and a calming natural element no matter where you live. Incorporating pumpkins, various squash or gourds, and dried floral wreaths can add a pop of color for the fall season. You can view ideas like this on Pinterest.

Deckorators Decking with flower pots

Sometimes your outdoor space just needs a few small updates to make a big difference. Share your deck transformation with us on social media by tagging @deckorators and check out our lookbook here for more inspiration.

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