Privacy Screen System

Color: Wildwood

Elevate your outdoor space with a deck privacy screen, seamlessly adding definition and privacy, while offering creative freedom to mix and match screens, slats and decking components for a truly unique backyard style.

Explore our comprehensive guide for step-by-step instructions on selecting and purchasing a Deckorators privacy screen system, empowering you to transform your outdoor oasis with ease.

    Available Options
    • Wildwood
    • Palm
    • Wicker
    • Pier
    • Gray Slat
    • Brown Slat
    • Dark Slate Slat

    Product Details

    Our deck privacy screens offer versatile frame components, modern styles and easy installation.

    *These privacy panels are designed for aesthetic purposes only and have not been tested or approved to meet building codes as a guardrail system; they are not intended for structural or safety use and should be consulted with a licensed professional to ensure compliance with local regulations.

    Frame Components

    • 4' x 6' x 72" Mixed Material Frame Kit that accommodates various infill options (works with 1/4", 5/8" & 7/8" thick materials)
    • 4' x 6' x 72” Privacy Screen Fence Frame Kit - accommodates 7/8" infill (works with 7/8" thick material)
    • Each frame kit includes (2) 44.375” top/bottom frame rails, (2) 72.5” side frame rails, (4) brackets, all necessary screws and filler strips/connector strips to accommodate infill options
    • 2-1/2" Flange-Mounted Post Kit (76" tall)

    Infill Options


    • Easy installation
    • Fully customizable to suit your unique style

    Find Privacy Screen System installation details below or visit our Installation Instructions page for a more comprehensive list of installation instructions.

    • Privacy Screen Frame Kit (Universal) - 1/4", 5/8", 7/8" English
    • Privacy Screen Frame Kit - 7/8" Material Only English
    • Privacy Screen Frame Kit - 5/8" English

    Find Privacy Screen System answers here, or visit our frequently asked questions page for answers to more general questions.

    What's included in the Mixed Material Frame Kit and Flange-Mounted Post Kit?

    The Mixed Material Frame Kit comes in a 4' x 6' size and accommodates various infill options, including materials that are 1/4", 5/8", and 7/8" thick. The kit includes all adapters, spacers, and dividers that you need for installation. These components make it easy to set up your Deckorators Privacy Screen System, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

    What infill options are available for the Deckorators Privacy Screen System?

    The Deckorators Privacy Screen System offers a variety of infill options to suit your style. You can choose from panels in four on-trend styles: Palm, Wicker, Pier, and Wildwood. Additionally, there are three colors of double-sided slats available in Dark Slate, Brown, and Gray. The system is also compatible with all Deckorators decking, giving you a wide range of choices to create a truly unique backyard style.

    Does the Deckorators Privacy Screen System use Surestone Technology?

    While our Privacy Screen System offers versatile options, we don't offer a pre-made infill kit specifically in Surestone™ Technology. However, customers can utilize decking made with Surestone™ mineral-based composite technology with the 7/8” Privacy Screen Kit by cutting their own slats. It's essential to note that if these boards are used, the back side of the board may differ slightly from the front and could contain manufacturing trace codes, which might require a solvent for removal.For ready-made infill kits, we offer options made with our 2-sided Traditional Composite boards in 5/8” thickness or our ¼” thick privacy panels.

    Visit our Warranty page to view our warranty documents.

    • Deckorators Privacy Screen System Brochure English