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Varied-Width Decking: Bring Indoor Luxury to the Outdoors

Varied-Width Decking: Bring Indoor Luxury to the Outdoors

In the realm of outdoor living spaces, the transition from indoor comfort to outdoor beauty is more seamless than ever. Homeowners increasingly seek to extend their living areas beyond the confines of their homes, blurring the lines between indoor comfort and outdoor serenity. A simple but effective way to carry out this trend is with the innovative use of varied-width decking.

Create a Custom Wood Floor Look…Outside

Hardwood flooring has long been cherished for its timeless appeal indoors. Now, with mineral-based composite decking, homeowners can mirror this elegant aesthetic outdoors while gaining the benefits of enhanced durability and minimal maintenance. 

Imagine stepping from your cozy living room onto a deck that seamlessly extends the same beautiful flooring pattern of your indoor space to the outdoors.

Matching Interior Flooring Patterns

To achieve a cohesive indoor-outdoor flow, Deckorators Voyage Decking made with Surestone™ technology offers varied-width options that can replicate any interior flooring pattern. Each width option serves a distinct purpose in outdoor design:

  • Narrow Planks (3½” width): Ideal for creating a sleek, modern look or for smaller spaces where a lighter visual footprint is desired.
  • Standard Planks (5½” width): Strike a balance between classic appeal and contemporary design, suitable for most outdoor settings.
  • Wide Planks (7¼” & 9¼” width): Make a bold statement with these wide boards, perfect for expansive decks or areas where a substantial, luxurious appearance is desired.

Discreet Installation for Enhanced Elegance

The use of hidden fasteners or pro plugs is a popular method to securely attach deck boards without visible screws or nails. This approach not only enhances safety and longevity but also elevates the aesthetic appeal by making the decking the focal point rather than the fasteners. By eliminating visible hardware, your outdoor space seamlessly integrates with your interior flooring, blurring the distinction between inside and out.

Varied-width decking offers a sophisticated solution for those looking to harmonize their indoor and outdoor spaces effortlessly. With its ability to replicate the beauty of hardwood flooring and withstand outdoor elements, Deckorators Voyage decking is setting a new standard in outdoor living aesthetics. Embrace the trend of bringing the inside out and discover how varied-width decking can elevate your home’s exterior charm and functionality.

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