Railing Connectors

Color: Black
Size: 2" x 4" Rail

Streamline your railing installation with Deckorators® Railing Connectors, offering both convenience and style. Easily attach 2" x 4" railings to posts at 90-degree angles or adapt to angles from 22.5 to 45-degrees with our versatile multi-angle connectors. 

    Available Options
    • Black in 2" x 4" Rail
    • Black in 2" x 4" Stair Rail
    • Black in 2" x 6" Stair Rail
    • Black in Multi-Angle Rail Connector
    • Gray in 2" x 4" Rail

    Product Details

    • Pre-drilled durable plastic ensures accurate railing attachment
    • Compatible with nominal 2" x 4" wood railings
    • Standard Railing Connectors: Designed for 2"x 4" railings to connect to posts at a 90-degree angle
    • Multi-Angle Railing Connectors: Designed for 2" x 4" railings to connect to posts at 22.5 to 45-degree horizontal angles
    • Stair Railing Connectors available for both 2" x 4" and 2" x 6" railings
    • Available in Black, Cedar, and Gray for 2" x 4" Rail Connectors; Black only for 2" x 4" and 2" x 6" Stair Railing Connectors
    • Includes stainless steel screws for secure installation

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    Do you recommend a deck installer?

    Consider a Deckorators Certified Pro for top-notch service. Find one on our Find a Builder page.

    Where can I buy Deckorators?

    The complete Deckorators line is available at retail lumberyards, home centers and through distributors. For more information, visit our Where to Buy page or call 800-556-8449. It is competitively priced in comparison to premium grades of wood decking and costs less than other high-end composite decking materials.

    How durable are Deckorators Railing Connectors?

    Deckorators Railing Connectors are made from sturdy pre-drilled plastic, ensuring accurate attachment of railings to posts for long-lasting durability.

    Can Deckorators Railing Connectors accommodate different railing sizes?

    Deckorators offers two main types of connectors for railing installation: Standard railing connectors and Multi-angle railing connectors. The Standard connectors are designed to attach 2"x 4" railings to posts at a 90-degree angle, while the Multi-angle connectors are versatile, accommodating railings at angles ranging from 22 to 45 degrees.

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