Deck Designs to Spark Your Imagination

Posted 18 September 2020 12:40 PM by Jase DeBoer

While in the early stages of planning your new deck, there are many considerations to make that don’t involve functionality. Ideally, the design of your deck should reflect your personality and the style of your home, yet finding inspiration can be difficult. While decks can be a prominent feature of your home’s exterior, they are the perfect place to try a bold design. Here are some design ideas to leave you brimming with the confidence to create your own one-of-a-kind deck design.

Herringbone for a Modern Look
Herringbone pattern, also known as broken twill weave, is a popular design choice for interior flooring and is often now seen in deck design. The “V” shape is an attractive element and can be used as a focal point, a border or throughout the entire surface.

The Herringbone pattern shown is a great way to feature your dining area as the centerpiece of your deck.

If you’re hesitant to use this pattern throughout, try framing your deck with a coordinating color and use this pattern in your corners.

Accent Your Deck With a Unique Inlay
Our decking products are designed with endless possibilities in mind. Our mineral-based composite deck boards have virtually no thermal expansion, making them the perfect material to create intricate inlays and designs. With five colors to choose from, there’s a multitude of options for dreaming up your own design.

Nervous about trying to design an inlay yourself? Reach out to a local Deckorators Certified Pro to help with your decking project.

Don’t be afraid to try something new - an outdoor living space is a perfect place for a creative feature.

Diagonal Lines for a Captivating Design
Give your deck the illusion of a spacious footprint by installing your new deck boards diagonally. Does your deck have multiple levels? Installing your boards in alternating directions will emulate a sense of ornateness with minimal effort.

Installing your deck boards to meet at an invisible apex is a fun way to play with symmetry.

Breaker Boards for a Uniform Appearance
Breaker boards to illustrate your decking style are ideal for homes boasting a more traditional sense of allure. If you live in a century-old farmhouse, a modern look of herringbone may look out of place. However, the contemporary feel of breaker boards will match the time period of your home while still giving it a renewed sense of style.

Breaker boards can be used as a simple accent piece on your deck.


Next Steps in Building Your Dream Deck
Now that you’ve found some inspiration, what is the next step in creating your dream deck? We have a range of resources to get you started. We hope one of these design ideas inspires you to create an exclusively-yours outdoor living space. Order free samples today and start planning your custom deck!