5 Reasons To Build During The Fall Season

Posted 31 August 2022 4:00 PM by Michelle Hendricks

The best time to build your deck doesn’t always have to happen during the spring or summer seasons. Here are a few reasons why you should keep an open mind to building during the fall.

Deck built by Certified Pro FWD Construction featuring Voyage Decking in Khaya
Photo courtesy of Certified Pro FWD Construction

Reduced Humidity
In early fall, many of us enjoy a break from the summer’s heat. The sun is still shining, but it’s not too hot to complete your deck project. The foundation of your deck should be made out of pressure-treated lumber, but any kind of treated wood can be susceptible to damage when exposed to high levels of humidity. When there is less humidity in the air, the wood dries more evenly, which helps stabilize the wood in preparation for laying your composite decking.

Avoid the Busy Season
Contractors typically have packed calendars from early spring through the end of summer. Contractors’ schedules often start to free up in the fall, so try to book your build during their open season. Read more about why you should build with a Deckorators Certified Pro and what you can expect here.

Save Money
There are no guarantees, but hiring a contractor during the fall season may be more affordable. This goes hand in hand with the decreased demand for new decks, as homeowners start to prepare for winter. When retailers start to clear out their stock and load up on new products for the next season, they often discount their existing stock. Thus, you may be able to find the exact deck design you want at a lower price later in the season.

Design Your Ideal Space
When you build in the fall, you have more time to plan your deck design. You’ll be able to see what trends were popular during the summer season and compare it to what would be practical for your living space. Utilize our Deck Designer to help envision your ideal deck space. Our Color Selector is another great tool that makes it simple to see different decking combinations. Take your time, plan it and do it right the first time.

Deck built by Certified Pro FWD Construction featuring Voyage Decking in Sierra and Dark Slate
Photo courtesy of Certified Pro FWD Construction

More Time to Enjoy
Building your deck this fall will give you the chance to enjoy your outdoor space year-round!

To get started on your fall deck build, locate a contractor today.