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Cascade Fence and Deck, a premier Deckorators® Certified Elite installer, specializes in creating stunning, high-quality outdoor living spaces tailored to meet each client's unique vision.

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Certified Pro Spotlight

Cascade Fence and Deck

Deckorators Certified Elite, Cascade Fence & Deck has been in business since 1997, building fences, decks and patio covers in the greater Portland metro area. General Manager Leif Wirtanen talked with us about his experience in the industry and building with Deckorators products. 

Q: How did you get started with Cascade Fence & Deck? 
 I got started with Cascade about eight years ago as an installer. From there I moved into an office role as a general manager. In that time, the thing that has really stuck out to me in the Cascade Fence & Deck culture and the way we take care of our customers. 

Q: What about Cascade's culture sets it apart? 
 We really focus on our hiring process and feel it all starts there. What we're looking for is someone that can have fun. When we are out on the job site, if there's not a lot of laughing, then something is going wrong. The employees are very involved with the company that is an asset to us. 

Q: What are some of the attributes and benefits of working with Deckorators products?
 A lot of our customers ask about warranties and which decking is the best. There are many great options out there, but ultimately, Deckorators ground and water rating is superior to all other deck boards. That is something we have been able to use to our advantage and something our customers have seemed to really like.  

The weather here increases the chance for a slippery deck. Voyage decking has 35% more traction, so when we lay down all our samples, naturally that’s the one that feels more solid when you are walking on it. 

Q: How did you go from working with Deckorators products to becoming a Deckorators Certified Pro? 
A: We are a Deckorators Certified Pro and we don’t install any other composite decking brand. When our crews can work with one consistent product, it eliminates some of the call backs you might have. From one brand to another, there may be slightly different install techniques. Having one deck board really makes it simple for our crews.

One of the cool things Deckorators has done for us is they took us down to San Diego in the beginning of 2019 for their annual Pro Summit, where we got a little insight into what Deckorators is and what’s on the horizon. This is a company that we want to partner with, and they are very like-minded to Cascade. The culture they have is tremendous, and that trip has validated the decision we have made to partner with Deckorators.

Q: What does the future with Deckorators look like?
A: Every single year Deckorators has come out with bigger and better products. We continue to use their products, and it looks like Deckorators is going to be the obvious choice in the future. When the Voyage decking line was launched in 2019 – that was a product that helped our company so much.

Deckorators likes to say that they ‘Go Beyond Ordinary’ and that is what we are all about. We want a company that is constantly evolving and constantly changing because that is what is going to help us and help our customers.

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