Step Treads

Size: 7/8 in. x 11-1/4 in. x 13 ft.
Color: Khaya
Add safety and style to your deck with Deckorators® Step Treads. 
    Available Options
    • 7/8 in. x 11-1/4 in. x 13 ft. in Khaya
    • 7/8 in. x 11-1/4 in. x 13 ft. in Tundra
    • 7/8 in. x 11-1/4 in. x 13 ft. in Dark Slate
    Recommended Fasteners

    Product Details

    • Available in Voyage Khaya and Tundra colors, along with Dark Slate, which complements any Deckorators deck
    • Ideal near water as each Step Tread features textured embossing for enhanced traction
    • Virtually no thermal expansion or contraction and is warranted for installation in the ground or water
    • Won't splinter, sag, chalk or crack
    • Stain- and fade-resistant cap stock
    • Coordinating fascia is available

    Find Step Treads installation details below or visit our Installation Instructions page for a more comprehensive list of installation instructions.

    Find Step Treads answers here, or visit our frequently asked questions page for answers to more general questions.

    What’s the difference between Deckorators composite decking and wood?

    Deckorators decking combines the look of wood with the durability of plastic. Unlike wood decks, which require continuous maintenance, there’s no need to apply weather protectants or water seal products to Deckorators decking.

    What are snow and ice removal recommendations for Deckorators decking?

    Care should be taken when removing snow from your deck to avoid damaging the deck surface. We recommend using a plastic snow shovel without a metal edge. A stiff-bristled push broom can work very well and minimizes lifting. Light snow can also be cleared using a leaf blower. Do not attempt to break up or scrape ice from the deck surface; use ice-melt products when needed. We are not aware of any adverse effects from the temporary use of ice-melting products on Deckorators decking; however, we recommend using an ice-melt product that’s less harsh on the surface. These types of ice-melt products may indicate “safe for pets,” “will not harm concrete,” or “will not kill grass.” Ensure that after the ice and snow melt, you brush off any residual ice melt product.

    Do I need special tools to install Deckorators decking?

    Conventional tools for cutting, drilling, and nailing can be used with Deckorators decking. We recommend using a sharp carbide-tipped saw blade for cutting. For your safety, remember to wear protective clothing and safety glasses.

    How much space is recommended for proper ventilation underneath a deck?

    A clear 2" space between the bottom edge of the joists and the grade is recommended to allow proper ventilation. We recommend using ProWood®  professional-grade treated lumber when building the understructure for your deck. ProWood pressure-treated lumber is made for ground contact and backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against termite infestation and rot.

    Surestone Technology Decking 50-Year Structural Warranty

    Made with our patented Surestone™ technology, Deckorators decking is backed by the industry’s leading warranty. Our new 50-year structural guarantee is the best warranty available for our most durable mineral-based composite decking. We have you covered.

    • Deckorators Decking CCMC 14092-R Evaluation Report English French
    • Deckorators Surestone™ CCRR-0195 Evaluation Report English