Sleeper System installed under deck boards

Sleeper System being installed under deck boards

Rooftop deck made with Sleeper System, Vault Mesquite and Dark Slate Picture Frame deck board

Sleeper System Boards - Two-tone Gray and Brown

Sleeper System Board - Two-tone Gray and Brown

Sleeper System Board - Two-tone Brown and Gray

Sleeper System

The solution to building a rooftop deck or ground-level deck is here.

Water and Ground Contact Decking

Ground-level and rooftop decks present unique challenges when it comes to water management and air circulation. The Deckorators® sleeper system allows for adequate drainage and ventilation which, in turn, protects the deck boards from damage due to moisture build-up. The sleeper system is made with Eovations technology  and backed by our 25-year structural, 25-year stain & fade and 25-year removal & replacement limited warranty.

  • Made of Eovations technology making it the ideal solution for water and ground contact
  • Available dimensions: 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 8' or 12'
  • Available colors: Two-toned gray and brown to complement any deck board choice
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty - [pdf - 201 KB]

The Deckorators sleeper system should only be used with Deckorators decking or porch flooring featuring Deckorators Eovations technology. This includes Voyage, Vault, Frontier, Dock and Deck Board and Porch Flooring

Installation Instructions


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In residential applications, Deckorators decking should be installed on joists spaced 16" on-center when the boards are running perpendicular to the support joists. Decking boards running on a diagonal pattern should be installed on joists spaced 12" on-center. Contact Deckorators Customer Service team at 800-556-8449 for commercial applications.

Conventional tools for cutting, drilling and nailing can be used with Deckorators decking. We recommend using a sharp, carbide-tipped saw blade for cutting. For your safety, remember to wear protective clothing and safety glasses.