Deck Board Mounting Bracket

Size: Works with the 3-1/2" and 5-1/2" wide deck boards

The Deckorators® Deck Board Mounting Bracket—an effortless solution for securing deck boards to your railing top. Elevate your outdoor space by seamlessly attaching a single deck board to your rail, offering a stylish and practical surface perfect for showcasing decor or placing a drink. This innovative feature is commonly known as the "cocktail rail."

    Available Options
    • Works with the 3-1/2" and 5-1/2" wide deck boards

    Product Details

    • With the bracket a single length of decking can be mounted atop your rail, providing an attractive, convenient surface stable enough to display decor or rest a drink
    • Updated design for use with 1-piece and 2-piece brackets
    • Works with the 3-1/2" and 5-1/2" wide deck boards
    • Comes in packs of 6
    • Railing brackets are compatible with our aluminum railing systems

    Find Deck Board Mounting Bracket installation details below or visit our Installation Instructions page for a more comprehensive list of installation instructions.

    Find Deck Board Mounting Bracket answers here, or visit our frequently asked questions page for answers to more general questions.

    What joist spans should I use for my deck when using Deckorators decking?

    In residential applications, Deckorators decking should be installed on joists spaced 16" on-center when the boards are running perpendicular to the support joists. Decking boards running on a diagonal pattern should be installed on joists spaced 12" on-center. Contact the Deckorators customer service team at 800-556-8449 for commercial applications. For more details, refer to the installation instructions.

     We recommend using ProWood® professional-grade treated lumber when building the understructure for your deck. ProWood pressure-treated lumber is made for ground contact and backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against termite infestation and rot.

    Do Deckorators railings meet building code requirements?

    Deckorators Composite Railing, manufactured by UFP Ventures II, Inc., has been evaluated by an independent third-party evaluation report writer known as Intertek to be code-compliant under Intertek’s CCRR-0171 and CCRR-0335 Evaluation Reports. See reports for complete details.

    Do I need special tools to install Deckorators railing?

    Conventional tools for cutting, drilling, and nailing can be used with Deckorators railing. We recommend using a sharp carbide-tipped saw blade for cutting. For your safety, remember to wear protective clothing and safety glasses. Reference the Railing tab on the Installation Instructions page for railing instructions specific to each product line.

    What glue works well with Deckorators railing?

    Glue is a supplemental adhesive and should never replace a fastener, especially in structural applications. Heavy-duty construction adhesive can be used, but we recommend testing on a small portion of your deck before using the adhesive throughout your whole application.

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