How to install and maintain a solar post cap

Posted 9 March 2011 6:54 PM by [email protected]

Deckorators solar post caps add a great finishing touch to any deck or fence. At night, they enhance your outdoor living area with a soft, welcoming glow. With a top-mounted solar lens, rechargeable double-A batteries and long-lasting LED bulbs, these eco friendly products require no wiring and Deckorators Solar Band Post Caps mount easily to wood deck posts, composite deck post or vinyl posts.

You’ll find they’re very easy to install and maintain. To begin installation, remove the protective clear plastic film from the top of the cap. Pull off the top by gripping the sides firmly, and lifting it off. Then pull the red tab (if factory installed), to enable the battery connection. If your Deckorators cap has a switch, activate the solar cell by turning the switch on before replacing the top.

Now, make sure your post is flat and free of debris. Apply a bead of exterior-grade construction adhesive to the underside of the cap. Position the cap on the post and press it into place and you’re done; It’s that easy.

You can help maintain metal and Tiffany-style glass Solar Post Caps even before you install them; Just spray on a coat of wax. Once installed, the foil on the cap will need a quick cleaning once every three to six months. Use soap and water and add a little lemon juice if needed, Deckorators Tiffany-Style Glass Solar Glass Postcap followed by the wax. Each solar post cap becomes fully charged after one day in the sun. Your cap may have an on/off switch. Make sure the switch is “off” during the initial charge. Turn it back on once the charge is complete.

If the light on a solar post cap ever malfunctions, here are some easy steps that should resolve the problem and prevent it from recurring. Inspect the batteries to make sure they are rechargeable. You must always use rechargeable batteries with solar post caps. Test the batteries to make sure they are charged and functioning properly. To help prevent corrosion, you can dab a small amount of grease on the diodes. Then, as you place the batteries into the cap, check to see that the batteries are seated and making a good connection. If your ornamental solar post top has a switch, check to see that the switch is working correctly. If necessary, lubricate the switch to ensure peak performance before putting the top back in place.

With these simple measures, the lights on your caps should illuminate your deck and outdoor living area night after night. So sit back and enjoy your deck or fence, enhanced by the beauty and functionality of Deckorators Solar Post Caps.